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The Manitoba Magic Basketball Club was created in 2003 as a way to offer student athletes the coaching, training and competition needed to meet their specific level of play; and to offer the exposure to competitive basketball tournaments in many parts of Canada and the United States.Due to the great people in our program, we are proud to say that The Manitoba Magic Basketball Club has become a known name in the Province's basketball community and we hope this continues for years to come.

The Manitoba Magic Basketball Club is a not-for-profit program which is designed to help the student athletes build self esteem; gain valuable experiences both on & off the court; and develop long lasting friendships. The coaches also emphasize the importance of nutrition, sportsmanship, and good character.

Our Mission...

The Manitoba Magic Basketball Club strives to provide the best in training in an environment that exceeds the athletes expectations. We want this program to be a place where hard working, talented, goal oriented, motivated and competitive basketball players with positive attitudes can train and compete with each other on a regular basis to help them achieve their basketball goals. We also maintain these objectives:

  • To promote a passion and respect for the game of basketball
  • To teach, train and focus on the fundamentals of basketball
  • To encourage and develop self confidence
  • To provide a high energy atmosphere

Our Season...
Our program runs from the completion of the Tryouts until mid May. Most teams will "break" during school basketball season to allow athletes to focus on their school season.

The Manitoba Magic Basketball Club is a cost recovery program, which means that we add up the costs for basic expenses (eg: tournament entry fees, uniform costs for new players, insurance fees), and then divide it up amongst the players on each team.

Fees per player for the full season is usually estimated around $550.00, however, this varies depending on which league the team will play in. 

We will NEVER deny a player because of finances as long as they are dedicated, committed, hard working, and wanting to play for our club.  If someone is in this situation, we ask that you talk to Shirley Blanca so that we can work with you and your families to find other avenues for financial support.



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